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Albinism Fellowship, NOAH,

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Royal National Institute of the Blind

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Rick Guidotti

William's Homepage

Kristina's Homepage

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POSITIVE EXPOSURE is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization whose innovative programs challenge the stigma associated with difference and celebrates the richness of genetic variation with positive images and powerful life stories.

The program is a unique partnership between visual arts, genetics, mental health and human rights driven by former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti and Diane McLean, MD, PhD, MPH. 

All pictures are the copyright of Rick Guidotti ©


Royal National Institute of the Blind Royal National Institute of the Blind

RNIB is the leading UK charity offering practical support and advice to anyone with a sight problem. We offer over 60 different services for around 2 million people with serious sight problems throughout the country.

Compliments of Brooke.... A special thanks to Brooke who found this website while resourcing about Cancer. This was in relation to a project setup by Beth for Skin Cancer Prevention Month. All the kids participated and with Brooke and Beth's help it highlights the risk of skin cancer for people with Albinism which is increased a 100 times more than normal pigmented skin for reasons described on this site as well as Seaside Skin Care, so always use sunscreen regardless of your pigmentation......


Brooke Fox is an incredible artist with OCA1 albinism, proving you can do or be anything you want.........

AFTER TWO PROLIFIC YEARS as an acclaimed artist in the ever-growing Pop/Rock scene in Nashville, singer/songwriter Brooke Fox landed in New York City in Fall 2000. “This young woman is a poet on fire,” said Laurel Boland of Sensored Magazine. Brooke’s intensely personal lyrics, soaring melodies, soulful vocals, and earthy acoustic guitar create an intoxicating blend of musical artistry, ranging from dreamy, jazzy folk to Carly Simon-like pop to feisty, Alanis Morissette-type rock. Whether she is performing solo or fronting her eclectic band, Brooke is equal parts vocalist, guitarist, pianist and storyteller........

You have to check out the site and better still buy the CD..

You must go and check out this talent.... she is great with some great contemporary chilled music.... a must, be patient as the site can take a little time to load..... and yes, she has albinism. Keep an eye out for a new page coming soon called the "chilled out zone".....



Brother Ali

Brother Ali is another artist with albinism.... check out the track called "Forest Whittaker" about his struggles living with albinism. He doesn't seem to let this bother him at all and he is a great lyricist. Ali's music ranges from purpose to passionate, yet always soulful and true to the boastful heritage of our culture. An emcee, producer, host and overall party-starter.

Straight off the heavy buzz of his debut 12 inch Room With A View Brother Ali delivers his highly anticipated full length album Shadows On The Sun. An emcee, producer and overall party starter, Brother Ali is a student of Hip Hop's Golden age. Shadows on the Sun has been crafted with this foundation and Ali's ability to write creative songs with passion and personality. Produced entirely by ANT and features guest appearances by Slug.


The Golden Child

Golden Child website.

A site dedicated to people with albinism of African ancestry.



This site has been set up to cover the Indonesian area of Asia and would well be worth a visit, with stacks of information on the site along with a religious point of view

for more information on the 'Albino Animals' book and author, Kelly Milner Halls

This book is well recommended, so much so, that Bianca has been associated with the human section of albinism at the back of the book.  It has been laid out in a very comfortable and easy way.  This was originally geared to educate kids up to Students but due to it unique approach by Kelly, the author, it is good reading for all generations.

It is now a 'must show everyone' favourite of the family...

"The wild facts and eye-popping visuals will encourage children to learn more about the underlying basic science ... surprisingly substantive picture book for older reader."
Booklist, May 2004

"Albino Animals is an informed and informative picture book about albinism.  Captivating colour photography...enhances this fascinating and straightforwardly scientific presentation which is especially recommended for young readers."
Midwest Book Review, May 2004
Albinism Fellowship of Australia If you have Albinism, or are a parent of a Child with Albinism and are interested in learning more about Albinism or even sharing your experiences and getting to meet other people then you are welcome to get in touch with this new fellowship. Run by a great team Kim, Toni, Erica, Helene, Michelle, Annette, Jackie & Nigel covering all the Australian States between them.

So get in touch and give your support to the AFA.......

Albinism Trust New Zealand; Allen Little

Allen J. Little has set up the Albinism Trust to  make connections and build supportive relationships amongst people with and interested in, Albinism in New Zealand. Check out the DVD of a progame produced in New Zealand with the aid of Allen and the Albinism trust with its members.... very well put together.



This is the new web site for the Albinism Fellowship. It is still being developed, more and more information and features will be added. Please visit regularly to keep up to date with developments.

The Fellowship is a purely voluntary organisation that aims to provide information, advice and support, for people with Albinism. We do that either directly for a person with Albinism, or indirectly through their parents, families, or the professionals working with them. The Fellowship has charitable status in Scotland.


Albinismo EU - Italian based website in English They have now produced and English version of their website and it well worth a look see......

Their goal is to become the reference point for the people affected by albinism and their families.
It's fundamental to create a network of contacts to reach this goal. To get around the structure of a classic association that would normally need a considerable amount of money and human resources, they have conceived and created an easy virtual community on this website.


NOAH is an organisation set-up for albino’s and people who need help and advice, it publishes a large print twice-yearly newsletter, NOAH News, as well as many Information Bulletins about albinism. It also maintains an Internet site that includes public bulletin boards for exchanging information about albinism. Founded in 1982 in Philadelphia, it is an all-volunteer organization based in the United States. Their objectives are to provide information and support to individuals and families with albinism, to promote public and professional education about these conditions, and to encourage research and research funding that will lead to improved diagnosis and treatment.



Low Vision


The Low Vision Gateway web site was created to be your starting point to access information on the World Wide Web related to the fields of low vision and blindness. The purpose is not to present one approach or bias, but to provide access to all related  information on the Internet.

This is a great site covering many areas (webmaster)

Susan Ballis has recently joined with two other moms in her  area to form a non-profit foundation in the United States, called "The Vision for Tomorrow". There goal is to provide funding for research, education and public awareness about conditions causing low vision, such as albinism and aniridia.  They will help a lot of people, so go check out their web site....
National Council for Support of Disability Issues Thanks to Trisha Fink our attention was bought to these sites based in the USA.  These are very valuable sites.... that give you help and insight to what help you can get and a wealth of information. Here are the three site links:


click to see more details on Alana Tiller... Another good personal website about the growing up of Alana and hailing from good old Oz.  Loads of information and personal thoughts...... worth checking out.... personal site always are, normally they will give you a reality check

Choice Home Healthcare

Choice Home Healthcare are an experienced community-based healthcare provider in Brisbane, Australia, specialising in the transition of patients from hospital to home with provision of clinical support and respite care for technology-dependent children and adults in their own home or community facility. They are an expert provider of respiratory rehabilitation, long-term home ventilation support services for children and adults, and tracheostomy care and management.
Albinism site of Ellery Clare - http://robyncotter.com

this is a sight cram full of information on adoption and albinism, it is worth going to check out a Moms perception of life with a child with albinism, Ellery Claire -

just click the image....

 http://www.alleenvanons.nl This is a great website done by family friends and partners in Holland. As Bianca is half Dutch we support this project with no doubt. Many good products on the website so worth going to see...... Endorsed by the Knowlton Clan
 www.albinosupport.co.uk This is Lady Samantha Robinson website who has 3 children with two having albinism, this is another look at life within a family and gives you a chance to see how they cope and handle life with albinism.....


We welcome you on site of mysterious, beautiful and rare people on this planet - Albinos and parents of albino children's. This site allows to unite all people and family who was mentioned with this problem, here all of us we can communicate, solve tasks in view, ask questions. Communicate, united, get acquainted..

It is in Russian mostly but still worth looking at



Information courtesy Jim Haefemeyer, Andrew Leibs, and Matt Smutko


Me, Myself, & Irene photo downloaded from the
home page of Michael J. Bowman.


X-1999 material:
Panel 1 (upper left)-From


End of Days photo downloaded from the


Disturbing Behaviour photo supplied by Erin Cordonier. Source unknown.

Powder photo downloaded from a Web site that is now defunct.

The Firm, Lethal Weapon, The Princess Bride, Vamp, Stick, Foul Play, The Eiger Sanction, The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, and The Omega Man photos obtained from Dr. Vail Reese's

 "SKINEMA: Dermatology in the Cinema" site.




Photo 1 (left)-Downloaded from the "Johnny Winter Tribute" site (now offline)

Photos 2 (right) and 3-Downloaded from the "Ultimate Edgar Winter Fan Site"

Photo 4-From Together: Edgar Winter and Johnny Winter Live (1975)
Photo 5-From Johnny Winter's album, Second Winter (1969)
Photo 6-From Edgar Winter's album, People Music (1996)
All downloaded from the Official Edgar Winter site

Biographical information compiled from the Skyline Music Johnny Winter site 

and the "Ultimate Edgar Winter Fan Site"



Photo 1-From Salif Keita's album, The Mansa of Mali:  A Retrospective, downloaded from M. Lafont's Salif Keita Web site

Photo 2-From a film called "La Genèse" done by Malian filmmaker Cheick Oumar Sissoko, downloaded from a Web site that is now defunct

Biographical information based on Janet Planet's article in the online 

African Music Encyclopedia



Photo 1-Downloaded from the "Massive Reggae Site" (Brazil)

Photo 2-From Yellowman's album, Mister Yellowman, downloaded from a Web site that is now defunct

Biographical information compiled from the "Massive Reggae Site" (Brazil) and the Official Yellowman Web site (now offline)




Illustration downloaded from a Web site that is now defunct

Article reproduced from Reader's Digest Magazine, February 1995 


Special Credits 

and thanks over the years to 

Wilson Brown, Adrian Chisom & all staff, Mr Wall & all staff, Martin Lang

plus Corfe Hills auxiliary teacher Kerrie Trim.

Allenbourn School, Corfe Hills School, UK, 

East Dorset Education Authorities, UK, Cedar House,

Keith Ball, Bournemouth College

Albinism Fellowship, NOAH, R.N.I.B. Wimborne Rotary, Dorset Charity Association for the Blind, Princes Trust and many more.....

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Rose George (Journalist) Rick Giles (Photographer)


The Sunday Telegraph

For their part in the article about Albinism, featuring Bianca and others.


Material with clearly identifiable sources has not necessarily been endorsed for use on this site by those sources. Some of the artists may not even have consciously intended for their subjects to resemble people with albinism. This is designed to be a simple insight & educational look at Albinism in the public eye and has not been produced with any negative intentions




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