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Bianca has been featured in an article written by Rose George on Albinism called 'Beyond The Pale'

for the Sunday Telegraph magazine on

5th October, 2003

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This article was also in "The Age" newspaper in Australia.



A chance for people to air their views, debate and to help others with there experiences.... Hope you will contribute and enjoy it.




Bianca is an ITEC qualified holistic masseuse, hot stone massage, Indian Head massage and more with her Therapy room in Poole Bournemouth, UK

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Green Bear UK

Bianca is involved with the family business selling natural cosmetic and natural cleaning products, supplying major companies as well as the public

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We have tried to put together an insight to Albinism in a light way, hopefully making it easier to understand.  Though there are serious issues to address and comment on as well, this will be covered in the same way, but not to detract from the importance of that particular issue.  

I have the nickname of Bee, hence the little logo above, did all my education to date, in mainstream and I am now in College.  I am a full Albino with the eyes, skin, hair & Nystagmus........  I have a younger sister Tanya who is not an Albino, Dave my older brother and Mum & Dad (Mike & Carin Knowlton). As a family we are a little crazy to say the least and not very conventional mainly because of the lifestyle Mum & Dad have led (more can be found out inside or on the family site) but we enjoy life.............

The following pages is information to help people understand and to also help perhaps, if you have an albino child or, you are an albino and would like to email, talk, ask questions...... (Dad is my secretary/ghost writer when needed and handles all the technical stuff.....) to get in contact with me, Dad or any of my family that you may wish to relate to, click contact for private, personal or use the forum.  Each member of the family has their own perspective on Albinism and how it has effected them personally or, just read about the family and my  experiences, privately.   

The pages will be added to, so check out the site from time to time for the new pages & updates.  If you wish to get in contact with me or any of the family, then do not hesitate to click the contact button on each of the pages........... also, if you have any photo's that you would like to have published on the site in "Friends around the World" section, then send them to me by email and if related to the site, we will load it up.

Look forward to hearing from you......... Luv Bee xx



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Bianca's Website is now at its new Home

Thanks to ICUK Communications we have our own domain name with acres of space to load up all the images and information about albinism.  Over the past couple of years we have outgrown our family site from what was to be a couple of pages to help give an idea about albinism to what it is today.


SCOTTISH cyclist Aileen McGlynn won a gold medal and set a world record in the Paralympics in Beijing, helping to push the British team into first place in the medal table on day one.

Paisley-born McGlynn, who is registered blind, and her pilot rider Ellen Hunter, blew the field away after completing the women's one-kilometre time-trial in 1 min 9.066 secs.

Just goes to show what you can do if you put your mind to it....

Look out Oz, Bee & Simon trip downunder:

Bianca arrived in Australia in April 2008 for 2 months to check out life & Jobs downunder. they arrived in Melbourne first, Adelaide, Tasmania, Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Sydney.  They went to New Zealand to walk a tiger and sit with a white lion, one of only 90 in the world.

Bianca & Simon (husband) if all things being right for them both.... are hoping to get to Australia after they are married in April 2009 and settle down... if the Aussies will have them :o) .......after this they are off to the States for 1.5 months.

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They have walked a tiger and sat with a white lion in New Zealand and SKYDIVED from 14000 ft in Sydney,,,, yea I know.... mad as a fruit loop.

More pictures on Bianca & Simon's trip to Australia in the photo album and Montage page.... with Alana Tiller from Adelaide, Zara Perry from Brisbane...

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Check out the new

"Chill out Zone"

page on this site

with music and information to feel good about yourself.....

Bianca & Simon got married

11 April, 2009


For pictures go to wedding page




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So you think you are good enough........ 

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